Truth & Intuition Collection

This collection was created to accent your unique vibe. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and with super limited availability. Using only aquamarine and lapis lazuli, this collection was designed with a Mediterranean feel, designed to take you to a place of ancient wisdom and beauty. Enjoy!

The Quartz Collection

Inspired by your loving feedback, these pieces are simple, yet unique. Using only quartz and hematite, I designed a timeless collection for fall and winter. The crystals and tiny round hematite beads resemble ice and holiday lights, perfect for the upcoming seasons.

Each style will go great with jewelry that you already have from previous collections that I have created. Customize your favorite piece today, silver is available, too

Desert Sky Collection

Inspired by the palm lined skies of the southwest, this collection incorporates magical desert gems with minimalistic designs.

Each piece comes on a card with watercolor artwork designed by the talented

Pink Puddle Studio (@pinkpuddlestudio). 

Ultraviolet Galaxy Collection

In a parallel universe, far, far away, the planets align and amethyst bursts like crystalized rain.

Step into the Ultraviolet Galaxy, where love rules the land and peace is eternal. May all of your dreams come true as gratitude leads you in each step.

Roadtrip Nostalgia Collection

Inspired by old time feels and the good old days. By jumping in the car and heading west. By the rainbow flat taffy, that could only be found at a roadside truck stop. By the simple pleasures that only sunshine could bring! 

Dainty Chain Necklaces

A collection of customizable, dainty, gemstone necklaces. Perfect for the minimalist or lover of layers. Enjoy!

Rainbow Chakra Collection

Highly meaningful gemstones made into your own tiny piece of energetic healing jewelry. Set your intention for the day and wear your corresponding Chakra necklace to back it up!

Tiny Crystals Collection

Inspired by the tiny & minimal movements, these precious little gems provide the perfect pop of natural color.

Vegan Suede Gemstone

Chokers & Wraps

This collection was inspired by 90's fashion. Whether you're a free spirited flower child or a deep feeling goth, you will find these pieces appealing!

Signature Collection

This collection was inspired by the beauty and simplicity of the southwest. A little bit boho, a little bit spiritual, 100% free spirited love!