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crystal quartz

color: transparent or white

- associated with healing any condition

- amplifies intentions

- enhances and strengthens the aura

- birth stone for the month of April


color: light to dark purple

- provides soothing and calming energies

- helps with emotional balance and healing

- known as the "sobriety stone"

- birthstone for the month of February

rose quartz

color: light pink

- the “love stone”, used as a love token

- stimulates romance

- brings inner peace and promotes self love


color: light to dark yellow

- enhances energy

- encourages new beginnings and pursuits

- helps transform negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones


color: minty to dark green

- promotes joy

- used as a shield to protect against negativity

- brings good fortune and prosperity


color: light blue

- provides harmony and balance

- enhances loving communication

- assists in communicating true thoughts and feelings


color: light blue

- inspires truth, trust, and letting go

- a great stone to help overcome fear of public speaking

- promotes moderation and responsibility for one's actions

- birthstone for the month of March


color: light green to light blue

- helps to communicate clearly 

- provides balance and serenity for healing 

- strengthening, assists with anxiety and depression


color: grey with flashes of blue

- enhances mental and intuitive abilities 

- protects against negativity and misfortune

- brings out the best in people


color: black, blue, green, grey

- cleansing and protective stone

- provides healing and courage

- enhances energy and used for good luck

- provides stress and anxiety relief, balancing emotions


color: red, tan, brown

- enables one to be more present and conscious of nature 

- sacred and powerful protective stone

- helps alleviate stress and enable tranquility

- cleansing of negative energy and increases focus on stabilizing thoughts

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