7 Reasons Why I’m Starting a Blog

Hello beautiful friends! I am so excited to be writing my first blog entry...this has been a long time coming! I was just re-organizing my office and found one of my notebooks from 2015, where I listed my goals for the year. I wrote “Start a blog” as one of them. Well, it’s 2019 and I’m finally getting around to it. Finally!!! So I wanted my first blog to give a little explanation of why I am doing this and what I had in mind for at least 4 years.

Here are my top 7 reasons!

1. To connect with as many amazing, like-minded people (like yourself) as possible, in a more casual and fun way! Social media is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but it seems harder and harder to get in front of the eyes of my people, with all of the crazy algorithms and rules of each platform...I honestly can’t keep up with all of the changes and therefore, many of you that follow me on social media don’t see what I share. This is a more direct way to touch base and provide you with valuable info, related to All the Tiny Pieces.

2. To provide additional insight and information surrounding gemstones and how to use them for healing. This is pretty straight forward. It may seem overwhelming for someone who is just getting into it, so I wanted to share some resources that I personally use to help keep the balance on a daily basis. I am not professionally trained as a healer, but it is one of the things that I am very passionate about and have been learning about on an individual basis for years.

3. To share the story of All the Tiny Pieces and how my brand has evolved over the years. I have tons of people who have told me that they feel connected to this brand that I’ve created. Even though it took a while to become “official”, I have been creating most of my life and it all came to fruition one fateful day in July 2014. I look forward to sharing more of the “why” behind it, in future posts.

4. To highlight the process of how I make jewelry and how each collection is created. A little more “behind the scenes” is what you would call it! I want to take you through the journey of how each stone is hand-picked and how it becomes part of a full collection. And what is a collection? I want to break all of this down so you can see truly how unique each piece is and learn more about the story of how it came to be.

5. To share personal stories that inspire. I haven’t always been a full-time creative. There was a time not that long ago, that I would go to work each day, in a corporate office and while working, daydream about running a successful business, where I would sell my one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces. Well, that dream has become real and each day is truly a blessing! And it has been a lot of hard work, dedication, persistence, and a positive attitude that have moved me forward. I also have many people, places, and things that have inspired me over the years and if they can move an introverted, airy Gemini, like myself, they can surely inspire you, too!

6. To share other brands who carry a similar message. Yes, I have a unique brand, and yes, there are a ton of other amazing brands out there that have started from the ground up to build a solid, one-of-a-kind business. When we work together, we can achieve so much more! I love collaborating with some of these favorites and am excited to share them with you. If you love All the Tiny Pieces, you will surely love these people.

7. To share styling tips. Yes, I am going out on a limb with that one but believe it or not, you can wear All the TIny Pieces with a lot of things that you already have and if you run into one of those, “I don’t know what to wear with what” moments, I’ve got you covered! I have the layering game down strong! I know what other clothing and accessories work well with All the Tiny Pieces and I am so excited to share.

"Done is better than perfect." - Sheryl Sandberg

So there you have it! I could probably add a few more to this list but I will keep it simple for this first entry. I am so excited to achieve this goal that I have been setting out for, for 4 years! It brings up a good point that it is never too late to start something that you’ve been dreaming about.

I can't wait to share more and until then, take care and thanks for all of the love!



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