Dainty Multi Gemstone Anklet


Tiny gemstone beads (rainbow moonstone, rose quartz, citrine, amazonite, apatite)

Brass or silver plated brass chain, both are nickel free

8.5-10.5" in length

Stone size: approximately 0.2-0.25"L x 0.2-0.25”W


Tiny gemstones hang freely from this darling chain anklet. 

Rainbow moonstone is associated with fertility, aiding in self-expression, treating insomnia, balancing emotions.


Rose quartz is associated with love, inner peace, stress relief, building self worth.


Citrine is associated with enhancing energy, promoting abundance and manifestation, and encouraging generosity and sharing good fortune.


Amazonite is associated with truth, optimal health, serenity, hopefulness, well-being.


Apatite is associated with gaining knowledge for the betterment of humanity, helping clear away negativity, and enhancing manifestation of personal growth.


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